For your protection.....

We have now re-opened, with some health precautions: I've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, I will wear a medical-grade face mask, and I've installed a UVC plug-in air sanitizer in the treatment room. After each client’s treatment, linens are laundered and contact surfaces are sanitized. For the time being, I will limit my services to AromaTouch, Sound Healing and Reiki, which can be combined and adapted to the client’s needs. Animal Reiki will also be available.


Warm Hands Reiki

Healing with fragrance, sound, touch and loving energy 


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Treatments may be combined for a unique and personalized experience


REIKI -- A meditative form of energy healing, channeling restorative energy to help you reduce anxiety, find comfort and relief from pain, and maintain overall wellness.


ANIMAL REIKI -- In-person or distant treatments support physical and emotional healing by reducing the animal's confusion, fear and pain. Reiki helps restore calm, trust and well-being.

AROMATOUCH -- 8 essential oils are applied along energy meridians of the back, hands and feet to bring pain relief, reduce tension, and provide a feeling of peace and emotional balance.


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE -- Massage techniques focusing on upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp, face and ears to release tension and revitalize body, mind and spirt.

SOUND SESSION – Each sound session is designed to focus on the client’s specific needs. Lower frequencies are beneficial for physical ailments; higher frequencies assist in emotional release and spiritual connection. A combination of instruments and frequencies may be used.

Gentle treatments bring peace, clarity and healing.