This year has been a time of upheaval for everyone, and we are all making changes in our lives.  When the time is right, I will again be offering healing Reiki, Indian Head Massage and AromaTouch treatments.  As well, I will be adding Sound Healing to enhance your healing experience.  

Healing with fragrance, sound, touch and loving energy 


Warm Hands Reiki


Animal Reiki

Aroma Touch

Indian Head Massage

Gentle treatments bring peace, clarity and healing.



REIKI -- A meditative form of energy healing, channelling restorative energy to help you reduce anxiety, find comfort and relief from pain, and maintain overall wellness.


ANIMAL REIKI -- In-person or distant treatments support physical and emotional healing by reducing the animal's confusion, fear and pain. Reiki helps restore calm, trust and well-being.

AROMATOUCH -- Applying 8 essential oils along energy meridians of the back, hands and feet to bring pain relief, reduce tension, and provide a feeling of peace and emotional balance.


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE -- Focusing on upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp,  

face and ears to release tension and revitalize body, mind and spirt.

Warm Hands Reiki