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Indian Head Massage

 45 Min - $45  

This 45-minute  massage helps to relieve stress, and reduce muscle tension and pain.

Ayurvedic/Indian Head Massage (“Champissage”) is a relaxing massage which focuses on the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and ears. 

During the treatment, the practitioner uses a variety of different techniques, to release any blocked negative energy in the neck, shoulders, head and face. The massage starts at the upper back, then moves to the shoulders, neck and scalp. Headache-causing blockages are released and circulation improved, relaxing the entire head.


A gentle face and ear massage brings a sense of deep calm. The final step in this Ayurvedic Head Massage is a balancing of the Heart, Throat and 3rd  Eye Chakras.  The light touch of a specially selected essential oil to the throat and forehead may assist this clearing of energies.


Wonderfully relaxing, Indian Head Massage brings physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Clients remain seated and fully clothed during the 45-minute treatment session. If you are feeling stressed or angry, tensions tend to accumulate. Indian Head Massage relieves the buildup of tension, and also has a calming effect. Circulation is improved. Brain function and concentration can become clearer.

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A shorter, more gentle Ayurvedic massage will bring peace and relaxation. Touching and massaging the acupressure points of the face and ears, this treatment is especially beneficial for the elderly, those recovering from injury, or undergoing a stressful period in their life.






 20 Min - $20