I love seeing my clients release tension and worry. I love watching their transformation as they find peace.  

Reiki is my foundation. I have trained with Kathleen Prasad (Animal Reiki Source) and Frans Stiene (International House of Reiki). Over the years, I've been inspired to add other modalities such as AromaTouch Technique, Indian Head Massage and Sound Healing.  I have studied with Tina Zion (Medical Intuitive) and Gaye Hanson (Old Buffalo Institute), and I was blessed to receive Toltec teachings from Liz Forrest at Teotihuacan. I am studying Biofield Tuning, as taught by Eileen McKusick.  


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My home-based treatment room is located in Winnipeg, Canada 

 Hours:   Monday-Friday   1 pm - 5 pm

 Phone 204-889-8637   or    Email carol@warmhandsreiki.com 

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Be kind to yourself

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Carol McQuarrie