Carol McQuarrie

I offer Vibrational Healing Techniques (Aromatherapy, Reiki, Sound Healing) and Light Massage (AromaTouch, Indian Head Massage), to relax the body and calm the mind.

I seek to help others express their own power and achieve personal growth and healing.

My Journey into energy healing began in 2012. I read Kathleen Prasad's first book ("Animal Reiki - Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life") and I knew I had to do this. I felt drawn to take training from Kathleen, so I travelled to California in 2012 to receive  Reiki 1 (Shoden) and Reiki 2 (Okuden) certification.  I received Reiki 3 (Shinpiden) the following year and I have continued to study with Kathleen Prasad (Animal Reiki Source) and Frans Stiene (International House of Reiki), expanding and deepening my skills. 





Reiki is my initial practice, and my foundation. I've been inspired to add other modalities such as AromaTouch Technique , Indian Head Massage and sound healing to my available services.  I have studied with Tina Zion (Medical Intuitive ) and Gaye Hanson (Old Buffalo Institute). I was blessed to receive Toltec teachings from Liz Forrest at Teotihuacan in 2019.


I am located in Winnipeg, Canada and have a home-based treatment room. I also travel to the client's home if that is more convenient for them. Animal Reiki treatments take place in the animal's home or wherever they feel most comfortable. 

Energy healing fascinates me and I continue to attend training sessions to deepen and strengthen my skills and practice.  I read everything I can find on sound healing, vibrational healing, Reiki, aromatherapy, shamanic practices ...anything regarding energy and healing.


By seeking to find physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance  in my own life, I am driven to help others transform their lives and heal themselves.  It is my goal to help others find peace and empowerment by connecting to their innate True Self.