Sound Healing

Vibrational tools, such as tuning forks and singing bowls, act to re-establish clarity and balance in your life.

Relaxation is always part of the session – helping you to let go of physical and emotional tension.


Bring body and mind back into harmonic resonance.

Everything in this world (even your thoughts and emotions) is made of energy and has a vibrational frequency. Energy is constantly moving throughout our body and in the biofield that surrounds us, transmitting messages and information.  The energetic vibrations may have a negative or positive effect in your physical body, your emotions and mental state.


Sound is heard through every cell in our bodies. Sound touches and transforms us – physically, emotionally and spiritually.



Every sound session is different, as every client’s needs are different. You may choose to be seated during the session, or lie on the massage table.

Your individual session will be designed especially for you. Sound may be combined with Reiki, or integrated with AromaTouch for a unique and very personalized treatment. Different tools and techniques may be used, depending on the issue you wish to address right now.  We may focus on just one specific issue or several – calming your overactive mind, letting go of stress, clearing energy knots, easing the pain of arthritic knees, or energizing the chakras. After the session, you will rest in silence for a few minutes as the new energy is integrated.


A sound session incorporates tuning forks, a variety of frequencies, and different techniques. Specific frequencies are used to relax muscles, reduce physical pain, attune particular organs/glands, and clear energy knots in the biofield (the auric field that surrounds the physical body).


Depending on what you need, I may use just one tuning fork, or two, or several. Specific frequencies help to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension and pain.  Listening to the pattern of frequencies, the body can recalibrate itself -- repairing the dissonance that we’ve created with our negative thinking and emotions.